DGS 12

DGS 12 is a high performance tactical vessel designed to meet and exceed the desirable requirements for a vessel in this category. Armored and with high firepower, it is an adequate model to carry out patrol, interception, on-site action and logistical support missions. Our boats can be customized to meet the needs of any operation.


DGS boats have a great capacity for impact cushioning, do not propagate flames, are recyclable, have great buoyancy reserve, low maintenance cost, do not suffer corrosion, have low perception on radars (can be equipped with Stealth technology) and have the possibility shielding.

•Total length (meters): 41′ (12.50 m)

• Beam (meters): 12′ (3.70 m)

• Deadrise (degrees): 26º

• Maximum Power (HP): 3 or 4 OB/ 1600HP

• Fuel Tank Capacity: 550 gal (3,440 Lbs/ 1.56 T)

• Pilot + Passenger Capacity: 10

• Max Load Capacity: 6,600 lbs (3.00 T)

  • 360º

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