DGS DEFENSE is the world’s most advanced hybrid thermoplastic engineering (EHT) boat design pioneer, dedicated to the construction of military and special boats. The result is unique and is developed from the specific operational and logistic need of each customer. With more than 12 years of international experience, we have supplied more than 100 boats for a wide range of purposes such as boats in UN missions, to the Antarctic continent and protecting country borders.

To build truly remarkable boats, it takes more than high-performance components and state-of-the-art equipment. It requires exceptional people. DGS ‘greatest asset is the team of specialists that develops the boats. Naval architects with a portfolio of boats for all missions, high-performance boats for customers around the world, welders with years of experience, engineers with strategic specialties and technicians who work with the most up-to-date components whose passion and quality separate their designs the ordinary. A truly extraordinary team creating radical vessels.